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suppliant adj : humbly entreating; "a suppliant sinner seeking forgiveness" [syn: supplicant, supplicatory] n : one praying humbly for something; "a suppliant for her favors" [syn: petitioner, supplicant]

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From suppliant, present participle of supplier.


  • /ˈsʌplɪənt/


  1. Entreating with humility.



  1. One who pleads or requests earnestly.
    • 1963: I touch your beard as a suppliant, embrace your knees, imploring you to have pity on my wretchedness. — Euripides, Medea, trans. Philip Vellacott (Penguin Classics, p. 39)

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The Suppliants may refer to:
  • The Suppliants (Aeschylus) by Aeschylus, an ancient Greek play where the Danaides seek protection from King Pelasgus
  • The Suppliants (Euripides) by Euripides, an ancient Greek play where the mothers of the Seven Against Thebes seek help from Theseus to bury their sons
suppliant in French: Les Suppliantes

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